Can I pay by cheque, or order by mail?

Yes, click on purchase and print the mail order form. You can enter credit card details on the form to fax or post, or send the form to us in the mail with your cheque.

What delivery methods are there?

We ship via small packet air, which is the most cost effective and versatile for our customers – this also allows us to PO Box addresses. Courier is an option at an additional cost, but frankly not good value.

Can I buy an aveoTSD over the counter?

The aveoTSD is mostly sold through sleep, medical and dental clinics. Some pharmacies and medical orientated retail stores do stock the aveoTSD. Your pharmacist can order for you. Contact us for retail locations in your area

Do you have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer’s warranty for defective product is 6 months from the time you purchase the aveoTSD.

What is your return policy?

The aveoTSD is a personal medical device; it cannot be reused or re-packaged. As with most medical devices or medications, returns and refunds are not possible. See the Terms and Conditions on our website for more details.[

I am a retailer and wish to offer the aveoTSD for my customers

We offer wholesale packages to qualified retailers. Please see our Wholesale information.


Are there different sizes of the device?

One size fits most adults. The aveoTSD was designed after careful research to the best size and shape, which fits over 80% of adults. More recently a small and larger size was added – these sizes are primarily available through sleep, dental and medical clinics where patients can be appropriately sized.

When should I replace my current aveoTSD?

With careful cleaning and storage your aveoTSD will last approximately 12 months – depending on your oral chemistry. The device is made from a high grade medical silicone which provides comfort and efficacy, but it tends lose its elasticity. Do not use the aveoTSD if split or damaged.

How do I clean the device?

Before and after each use rinse thoroughly with warm water and store in the provided container – allow to air dry (do not close container). Do not use alcohol based sterilizers. Corrosive detergents, soap or toothpaste are not recommended as this may affect the nature of the silicone and/or cause residue to build up. The aveoTSD can be sterilized by autoclave or by placing in boiled water – the downside is that it will cause the device to go opaque over time.

Does it take long to get used to?

Most users find it takes 2 or more sessions to become accustomed. Practice makes perfect. As with any oral device (mouthgaurds etc.) your tongue and mouth will quickly adjust.

The device keeps slipping off my tongue – is that usual?

See the aveoTSD user instructions in the package. Rinse under warm tap water, squeeze bulb and place tongue in device, finding the right fit to ensure it doesn’t fall off. Too loose will result in it falling off during sleep.

My tongue is tender or feels bruised – should I be concerned?

See aveoTSD user instructions. Ensure that the device is not too tight. Tenderness and minor bruising on the end of the tongue can occur, but does disappear with time. If this continues, please speak to your doctor and/or contact us via email, fax or phone. Your tongue should not hurt – this is an indication that the fit is incorrect (too tight).

Are there any other side effects?

Side effects may include dry mouth, drooling and minor mouth irritation. These normally subside after regular use. If soreness persists, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

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