Customer Testimonials

My husband had laparoscopic surgery for his snoring a few years ago, which only worked for a short time.  We got the aveoTSD and it’s great.  As my husband is asthmatic it helps with his breathing while he’s sleeping and allows me to get a good night asleep. No more moving to the couch in the middle of the night
– Leah Giles, Victoria, Canada

I have found the Aveo TSD to be an effective and easy to use device. It is actually quite comfortable to wear once you become accustomed to it.  I wear it all the time now.

Dr David Christie, DDS, Victoria, Canada

I had another good night, CPAP free. I’ve had quite a few opportunities to share my success with the aveoTSD. People tend to listen when you’ve walked in their shoes, and that’s why I’m excited about your product. Finally, a solution that works.

Gerry Bannerman, Surrey, Canada

“I no longer use my CPAP machine…, this is an awesome product.  I have told so many healthcare professionals about your product. I had to go into the hospital for an overnight visit. The staff was amazed when I showed them your product.  I want to thank you your making this product.  I will be ordering another one next month….  This product really works for sleep apnea and snoring.”

Kandi Gori, USA

“I was a terrible snorer. I’d wake up in the morning with a terrible headache and feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I was at the stage where I was sleeping in the spare bedroom,” he said. It took two nights to get used to, and now I sleep like a baby with a dummy. I can’t speak highly enough of it. Put it this way, it’s the first thing I pack when I go away anywhere.”

Anthony Russell – New Zealand

“…Our house is quiet & peaceful for the first time in years at night time . My best wishes to you ….”

“… I think the device is fabulous , enormously worth the best and widest promotion because of its simplicity , price, portability , easy cleaning as well as its efficacy .”

“… Wonderful to wake up headache free ! …”

“… after 48 years of Dental Practice and I have to say that your device is a lot more successful than most of the other ones I have seen.”

“… I am most impressed with the aveoTSD and so is my Wife!.”

“… I would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for the aveoTSD anti-snoring aid …”

“… I can unequivocally say that the aveoTSD is amazing and has worked extremely well …”

All above excerpts are from correspondence received from aveoTSD Users. Full transcripts are available, where permission given, to registered enquiries.

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